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Who is Simplypost?

Simplypost is a technology driven company with deep logistics experience and global network.

We enable businesses to grow and succeed in selling their products with our suite of logistics services, technology and infrastructure in today’s borderless e-commerce retail world.

We are your reliable partner to support your e-commerce business operation and strive to deliver excellent customer experience.

Our mission is to provide businesses with Smart and Green Urban logistics solutions that helps the business become more successful by focusing on their product.

Our Services


Scalable Order Fulfillment Solutions as You Grow.


Flexible and Reliable Delivery Service.

Real Time Track and Trace.

Cash on Delivery Service.

International Shipping

Global Reach to over 195 Countries Around the World.

Partnership with World Class Courier Companies and Postal Offices.

Enjoy discounted shipping rates.

Simplypost is powered by state of the art technology.



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